July 28 – August 6, 2017

Band-Saw Manoeuvres will investigate the flexible limits of a tensed blade.

Merging expert knowledge of timber construction with cutting-edge robotic fabrication technologies we will explore the creative potential of prototyping complex and large-scale timber structures with digital tools resulting in the construction of a roof structure for the temporary foundry building for the Hooke Park Campus.

Our weapons of choice- the chainsaw and bandsaw- will gain an augmented level of precision and control when wielded by the large Kuka KR150 robot. Through rigorous physical testing, we will prototype connection details utilising the extraordinary precision and flexibility of multi-axis robotic machining.

We will investigate the ancient craft and traditions of Japanese joinery to inform our Robotic Choreographies. These principles will undergo a digital interpretation - and whilst preserving the poetry, ritual and sensitivity, get translated into a highly choreographed movement pattern or toolpath for the robot and end-effector.

Prominent features of the workshop / skills developed

The ambition of the course is twofold; firstly we want to provide a pro-active introduction to the exciting world of robotics. The first phase will consist of an initial familiarisation with the robot arm through the teaching pendant. After getting acquainted with the robot we will explore the software and robot machining strategies that will allow and assist us with the generation of suitable geometry and toolpaths.

Secondly, the strategies for fabrication will be based upon the ancient traditions of Japanese joinery. The visiting school will focus on translating this dexterous craft full of poetry and skill into a movement pattern and choreography for the robot. We will also engage with advanced 3D Scanning Technologies that will inform and steer our design parameters.

All this will lead to the on-site fabrication and assembly of a prototype roof structure for the foundry building at Hooke Park in Dorset. Furthermore, we will also venture out of the lab, immersing ourselves in the idyllic forest and learn about the different species that make up the forest ecosystem which forms both our material library and site.

The deadline for applications is 20 July 2017.

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