Robotic Fabrications

In our Chainsaw Choreographies, we explored the precision, petrol fuelled territory where code meets chainsaw.

We investigate the ancient craft and traditions of Japanese joinery to inform our Chainsaw Choreographies. These principles undergo a digital interpretation - and whilst preserving the poetry, ritual and sensitivity, get translated into a highly choreographed movement pattern or toolpath for the robot.

The strategies for fabrication will be based upon the ancient traditions of Japanese joinery. The visiting school will focus on translating this dexterous craft full of poetry and skill into a movement pattern and choreography for the robot. This will lead to the on-site fabrication and assembly of the components for the construction of a prototype foundry building at Hooke Park in Dorset.

Project Film

Robotic Fabrications 2016 film - by Kate Davies and Emmanuel Vercruysse


Emmanuel Vercruysse
Zachary Mollica
Pradeep Devadass
Gary Edwards


Year: 2016