Robotic Fabrications

In our Circular Saw Tactics we will operate upon small timber sections with precision and high speed, producing exquisite components.

Our weapon of choice for this year’s Robotic Fabrications - a circular saw - will gain an augmented level of control when wielded by the large KR-150, allowing users to perform operations with surgical precision. Phase 3 of the visiting school sees us developing the skin of our foundry. Looking to generate large composite wing structures, we will test this new tool and the robot to their limit – fostering the cross fertilisation of manual and automated skill.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a hands-on introduction to the versatile world of robotics by prototyping complex timber structures with digital tools. Merging timber construction with cutting-edge robotic fabrication and 3D scanning technologies, this approach enables traditional making techniques to be re-invented as innovative processes for architecture. Through rigorous physical testing we will prototype design tactics which make use of the extraordinary accuracy and flexibility of multi-axis robotic machining.

The first phase will consist of an initial familiarisation with the robot arm through the teaching pendant. After getting acquainted with the robot we will explore the software and robot machining strategies that will allow and assist us with the generation of suitable geometry and toolpaths.


Emmanuel Vercruysse
Zachary Mollica
Michael Arnett


Year: 2018